Hey ya'll! Welcome to my creative therapy blog! I hope you enjoy looking through some crafts I really enjoy making and my newest addiction which is the fun watches!! Take a look around and feel free to ask any questions or to just let me know you stopped by to take a peak!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Craft/Boutique Sites?

Hey ladies!
I know lots of you have some sites of your own so if you'd like to leave a comment with your craft, photography, etc... web address I'd love to add it to my blog so others can see all the wonderful and fun creative things you do!!

I just love these!

I have made quite a few of these for other people and every time I make one I always want to keep them for myself! I just love them and they are so fun and cute! These are just some I made for some friends who have been getting married!

*sorry for the bad pictures, my camera has been on the fritz!

Green and Light Brown

Black, Red and White


Life sure has been keeping me on my toes! Busy Busy! I've made time for fun things/crafts, but haven't had time to blog! So here are just a few more bands I've made. Some sell faster than I can post so I only have pictures of the bands I have at home!

Coral and White - super cute!
teal and brown
Silver and Red
teal, brown and pink
Thanks so much to those of you have taken interest! I hope you love wearing your watched as much as I like to make them!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Watches and Bands

Ok so I am new to this whole thing but I am LOVING it! I see so many people wearing these cute watches and I wanted to learn to make them! And I enjoy it so much that I want to make some for YOU!

Here are just a few that I have made so far! I've had a lot of great feedback so I really do want to keep it up! I have watch faces on order so once they get here I will start selling them to whoever is interested!
(Sorry about the bad lighting in the first few pictures!)

I am going to sell them for $25.00
Unless you only want the band then it will be $15.00

~ Pink/green/teal band ~

~ Red/black/blue band ~

~ Black/Red band ~

~Black Band ~

~ Teal/White ~

Magnet Boards

Something I learned to make when I wanted to give something more than a gift card or a toaster at a wedding reception! I think these are so adorable and fun!
If anyone is interested -again just pick the colors that match your home and I'd love to get to work on it! Also includes cute magnets matching the frame colors!

Leave me a comment if you'd like to know more!

Mod Podge Madness!

Wall Letters
So fun for living rooms to baby rooms! Since I am baby-less I choose to make them for my front room! I would be more than happy for create anything you'd like! You choose the color scheme and I'll design away! Little boys or girls room are the best for these! I just love them!

Pricing would of coarse depend on how many letters were needed! Since I don't grow large wood blocks in my back yard I'd have to purchase the letters elsewhere!!